Major The FilmAdivi Sesh is coming up with real life pan-Indian story of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. Today, the fine actor released a short video titled ‘Major Beginnings’ narrating how he met the martyr’s parents to convince them to make a film on the Major.

The look test picture that was released in the ‘Major Beginnings’ will show us the uncanny resemblance of Adivi Sesh with Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. Truly impressive makeover and looks like, their eyes match big time.

As per Adivi Sesh’s revelation, Major Sandeep’s parents were skeptical in the beginning but they after three or four sittings, Sandeep mother’s eyes were brimming with tears and she said, “You look like my son.”

The sincerity in Sesh’s voice gives away how attached he has been to telling this story of Major Sandeep Krishnan and how big a film it is going to be for him bringing Mahesh Babu and Sony on to the board to produce it.