Rajamouli OscarsA section of the film industry, with some hidden agenda, is trying to pull down SS Rajamouli’s campaigning for RRR at the Oscars. They are downplaying Rajamouli by mocking him for getting so desperate for the Oscars.

Recently while promoting his film HIT 2, Adivi Sesh was asked by the interviewer, “Should Rajamouli give so much importance to the Oscars?”

Adivi Sesh gave a perfect reply by saying, “We have to give 100% importance to the Oscars. It’s not just about winning. It is about creating awareness about the movie and getting exposure. If it gets nominated, RRR will get maximum exposure and then the whole world discover our Indian cinema.”

Yes, winning or even getting nominated at the Oscars is a big thing, and Rajamouli knows that. He is not doing this campaign just to win an award in a foreign country.

If RRR makes an impact at the Oscars, Rajamouli will definitely get benefitted, and he might collaborate with the biggest studios in the world. But more than that, it will earn respect for our Indian cinema.