Adivi-Sesh-Adivi Sesh is doing well for himself with continuous hits like Major, Evaru, and Goodachari. He has finally carved a niche for himself in Tollywood after struggling for many years.

Recently he gave a statement during the Major promotions that acting doesn’t mean raising your voice and shouting. He said that since we all belong to the Natakam tradition, it may feel that when an actor is loud, we feel what a performance he has given. But for him, that is not acting, and his sensibilities are different.

This statement has opened up a discussion on social media that he is criticizing which Tollywood actor. There are quite a few stars in Tollywood who sometimes do ‘loud’ acting, and netizens feel maybe he is targetting them.

But the general opinion on social media is that Adivi Sesh has just started seeing success, and he himself is just about an okay-to-decent actor. He still hasn’t reached a level where he can give a lecture about what is acting and what is not.

Instead, he should enjoy his current success streak and think about how he can extend it. Many feel that he still has a long way to go before he can give such unnecessary lectures on acting.