Adivi-Sesh-StaminaA few days ago, actress Regina Cassandra caught the attention of netizens by saying “both Maggi and men will be done in 2 minutes”. A few netizens pointed out that this is a sexist remark. Either way, this video went viral on social media.

In this context, Adivi Sesh has made a very interesting comment. This was while he shared the stage with Regina at a recent promotional event.

“Regina, you recently made some comments on Maggi and men. It came to my notice. What’s the story about it. I usually hear that I make films for prolonged periods and I have more stamina. Naaku koncham stamina ekkuva. What’s your intention with the Maggi comment,” Sesh said to Regina.

Sesh was in a jovial mood while he made this comment there was nothing serious about it. But his reply to Regina’s 2 minute comment, saying he has more stamina has caught the attention now.

Needless to say, this exchange isn’t comprehensive for everyone, but those who get it are amused by the same.