Adivi Sesh mocks star hero tag linesAdivi Sesh has done very few films in lead roles but got some decent attention. His dream project Major which will hit the screens on the 3rd of June.

As part of the promotions, Sesh answered a few fan questions on Twitter. When one asked about having a title tag of a Thrilling star, Sesh said “Cutout unnappudu Title avasram Le. CONTENT unnappudu Cutout avasram le . You will understand when you see Major”.

This statement of Sesh has become a hot discussion and in a way gives away the meaning that as his films have strong content, there is no need for a tagline for heroes.

Almost every star in Telugu cinema has a tag. Recently Allu Arjun went a step ahead and gave himself the tag of Icon star and this was revealed by Sukumar himself. Now that Sesh has made such a statement, one gets a feeling that he is mocking the star tag lines and the baggage they carry.

Sesh looks confident about his film Major, we have to see if the film will be limited to just critical appreciation or will work at the box office.