Major_Movie_BollywoodAdivi Sesh is ready with his new film Major which is based on the life of Major Unnikrishnan who lost his life during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. The film will be out this Friday and Sesh has managed to create good hype.

He also seems to be very confident as he has held a few screenings of his films already. Now, the news is that there will be special screenings in all major cities across AP and Telangana on the day before(Thursday night).

Sesh is doing good promotions and hyping the film to the next level. The film is also releasing in Hindi and as the subject matter is universal, there is a good chance for the film to find a wide audience.

Will it be another sensation like The Kashmir Files in Bollywood? as it has a perfect subject north audiences can relate to? We will know in a couple of weeks if can create a sensation or just end up as just another good film. For now, Sesh is super confident about the film’s success.