HIT 2 Movie USA Premieres Adivi SeshAdivi Sesh scored his first $1 million film in the USA with Major. But it wasn’t well planned for Major in the U.S.

Major had a delayed start in the USA as the premieres commenced much later than the anticipated time. All this while the film was given advanced premieres all over India. But luckily the film fared very well in U.S. in the end.

But Sesh appears to be rectifying this small mistake now with HIT 2 and the latest developments imply the same.

HIT 2 is being given early noon premieres in the USA. This is a good thing as the film can be given wide premieres and if the talk is good, then there could be a bump in the final premieres tally with good night shows.

Sesh does the kind of films that tend to cater to the USA audience. For some reason, he missed the trick badly with Major by going for delayed premieres. However, he is coming back with HIT 2 now which is going for noon premieres.

HIT 2 is set for theatrical release on the 2nd of December. The USA premieres will be on the 1st of December.