Adipurush PremieresPrabhas’ highly anticipated devotional spectacle, Adiprush, has begun its bookings at major U.S. theater chains, including Cinemark. The pricing for Cinemark has been set at $23 for the 3D version and $20 for standard screens.

The U.S. premieres are scheduled for Friday, June 16th, with shows starting at 3:30 AM IST. Usually, star hero films have early noon shows in the U.S., but the makers of Adipurush are intentionally avoiding early shows and are trying to delay them as much as they can.

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The team had previously planned for a special premiere at the TriBeCa Festival in New York which was to take place two days prior to its worldwide theatrical release. That premiere was canceled, and now even the early afternoon premieres are being avoided.

The film is expected to take a flying start at the box office due to Prabhas’ stardom and Lord Rama factor. The trade expects it to gross 100 crores on the first day itself.

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So it looks like the team is being extra careful to ensure that no negative talk is spread due to early noon shows in the US, which might affect its bookings in India. They want the entire world to witness Adipurush simultaneously without much gap.

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