Sai-Ali-Khan-AdipurushPrabhas’s Adipurush is expected to be largely benefited from the Hindutva trance that has gripped all of Northern India. The teaser of the film dropped last night and it implies that the film is more of an “animated” take on the epic Ramayan.

Coming to the topic, it appears to be that Adipurush has hirt Hindu sentiments already, just with the teaser.

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In the teaser of the film, Saif Ali Khan is seen as the antagonist Ravana. The problem here is Saif’s demeanor and his appearance. Many of those who have watched the teaser are faulting the portrayal of Ravan.

“Ravan is a staunch Hindu and he firmly followed Hindu customaries. But Saif looks like an Islamic man in the teaser. The military cut and the bearded look have a resemblance with Alauddin Khilji from Padmaavat. This is pathetic character look designing by the team. Ravan might be the antagonist in the story but he was a staunch Hindu. This trait can’t be tampered with by the makers,” a netizen commented.

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Well, getting the Ravan characterisation right is of utmost importance for Adipurush as it predominantly runs on the rivalry between Ram and Ravan. Any mishaps could prove to be fatal. But again, it is too early to speak about it. We should wait for the film’s release before drawing conclusions.