Adipurush: Big Film On Small SetsOm Raut is shooting the mythological movie Adipurush at a fast pace. Currently, the shoot is happening in Mumbai. Right from the beginning, artistes have been speaking highly about the film in terms of budget, grandeur, and VFX.

Kriti Sanon has further upped the buzz on Adipurush by divulging more revelation. She dubs that Adipurush broke the notion that big-budget films can’t be shot on small sets. She was told that locations don’t matter but it is the VFX that carry significance.

The leggy lass says that she was encountered with a few spectacular film paintings that took her into another world. Adipurush is a lifetime experience by starring in a pan-India film.

The actress also reveals how cool Prabhas is. If her lines go wrong in Telugu, Prabhas doesn’t mind correcting her humbly. And this gesture left Kriti in awe of Prabhas even more. She continues to heap praise on him for being humble despite commanding huge stardom.