The audio of Nandamuri Balakrishna’s Ready to Release movie ‘Adhinayakudu’ was released directly to market today. The audio links were out on internet yesterday night itself. Since then, the songs registered huge downloads and Nandamuri fans are continuously listening to them.

According to fans, all the six songs were out and out mass masalas and non fans feel that the songs were too massy and have some resemblance to Balakrishna’s earlier movies like Nara Simha Naidu ans Samara Simha Reddy. Fans feel that Kalyani Mallik who is first time scoring music for Balayya had done full justice to the album. They are telling that its a good omen that the songs are resembling Nara Simha Naidu and Samara Simha Reddy. They are confident that this movie would also be a blockbuster like those movies.
If it happens, Tollywood which is reeling under the pressure of flops would be more than happy.