Vivek_Athreya_Ante_Sundaraniki_FeedbackNatural Star Nani’s Ante Sundaraniki is a heart warming film with clean humor and emotions. But then, the movie is clearly under-performed.

One of the major reasons for that is the three hours long runtime. The first half especially is lengthy as per the reviews and also the feedback of the audience.

But then, the director of the film, Vivek Athreya is adamant and is refusing to admit it. He refused to trim the film when asked about it at the film’s Success meet.

“When I could make a fast second half, I can make the first half similarly. But there are several connecting scenes for the first half and the second half. They have to be there. Particularly the childhood scenes. The film needs this runtime,” Vivek Athreya said.

Vivek is definitely a talented director and Ante Sundaraniki is for sure a good film. But then, it is important for a filmmaker to acknowledge the feedback of the audience.

It is not appreciable if that feedback is ignored. That is when the gap between the director and audience increase.

When 10s of Crores of Rupees are involved, it is also the responsibility of the director. It’s better if the director realizes that.