adah sharma telugu debut

The Bollywood actress Adah Sharma who is recognised for her role of the protagonis in Vikram Bhatt’s thriller film 1920 will very soon be making her Tollywood debut. In a film directed by debutante Karthikeya that is cautiously titled Lover, Adah Sharma has been cast alongside Telugu star Nara Rohit although South Indian actress Monal Gajjar also plays a part in the movie.

Adah explains that she is playing the role of a dancer settled in Hyderabad. Considering this, the film has a lot of scope for dance sequences and she has the chance to do various forms of dance including somersaults, back-flips, cartwheels and belly-dancing since the movie has a totality of eight songs. Sharma is trained dancer so the character greatly suits her talents and she believes that it is a nice debut for her in the South.