Adah Sharma Defends Herself for Non-Existent Role‘Kalki’ came to theatres as Rajasekhar’s brand movie and there wasn’t any talk about Adah Sharma as the romantic interest of the hero in the film. The same was the case when the movie came to theatres.

She wasn’t an integral part of the story and when asked about the same, the young heroine seems to have no regrets for a hercalmost non-existent role. She thinks that the screen time isn’t as important as anymore for the actors

In this case, it’s not the screen time but her role that could’ve been easily cut out but would have made no difference to the movie. The actress defends saying that as an actor she took forward the director’s vision.

Prashanth Varma’s debut movie had strong female characters. Little did we expect that he can portray an actress as just a prop like in the commercial formats. Anyway, when Adah has got no problem, it’s nobody’s worry.

We know that Kalki opened to mixed talk all over and didn’t live up to the expectations being Rajasekhar’s movie right after PSV Garuda Vega. It was a disappointing fare for Rajasekhar after a big relief like Garudavega.