Burgled-TV-ActressA Telugu TV actress was dealt with a rude shock after her house in Hyderabad was robbed on the 18th of this month. This incident came to light today.

The said actress is named Sumitra Pampana and her house in Srinagar Colony of Hyderabad was robbed on the 18th of April.

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Sumitra had been in Delhi for the past few days and she locked and handed over the keys to her flat to her sister-in-law who resides in the same apartment.

Sumitra’s sister-in-law was shocked to see the doors open for Sumitra’s flat and she immediately called the police into action. The police held a first round of investigation and identified that 1-2 people might be involved in the robbery.

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Sumitra complained that she had lost 1.2 KGs gold and diamond ornaments and 293 grams of silver due to the robbery. She gave the statement to the police immediately after she came to Hyderabad on Wednesday morning.

A police case been filed under the sections 457 and 380. Further investigation to nab the culprits is underway now.

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