Nandamuri Balakrishna - PoornaBalakrishna carries a larger-than-life image who appears as an indomitable hero with his persona and star status. The actor has teamed up with Boyapati Srinu for the most anticipated Akhanda which sees Pragya Jaiswal and Poorna as the female leads.

Kerala beauty Poorna has now spilled beans on her first-time experience of working with Balakrishna. The actress says that she was scared coupled with nervousness of working with Balakrishna. She revealed her fear to director Boyapati with whom she has a great rapport.

“I have known Boyapati over a long period. In fact I was supposed to do a film with him before but for some reasons it didn’t happen, but we are back with Akhanda. When I was told about shooting with Balakrishna I was scared and told this to Boyapati who told me to come on the first day of the shoot and after watching Balakrishna I will put my anxiety at bay,” says Poorna.

The actress adds that she was left speechless after watching Balakrishna. Despite being such a huge star, he keeps himself grounded. “He speaks cordially to everyone and doesn’t show any starry airs. I questioned myself that can a superstar be like this. The shoot was like a school for me where I learned a lot from him. I have never seen a superstar who is so down to earth like him,” she concludes.