Malaika AroraPeople cant bear a daringly hot picture of an actress and shower tonnes of hatred towards their bold choices. When the stuff goes beyond hotness and becomes too bold to the extent of being comfortable to show the unshaved underarms, the hatred too, goes beyond the boundaries.

It is Malaika Arora who messed up the thoughts of the trolls on the internet by posting this ravishingly hot picture flaunting laced lingerie showing off her perfect curves and also a little too much of her underarm hair.

Now leave about the skin show, people are angry that she didn’t shave her underarms before posing for such picture.

It is clearly intentional on the actress’ side to show off the hair there whatever the reason is. It did raise controversy and brought her back in news for making something “new” or “disgusting” as the trolls commented. End of the day, her picture, whether or not liked by people has become a hot topic in town now.