Actress Strict Rule for OTT RemakesThe happening heroine, Kiara Advani is ready with the release of her new film Bhool Bhulayya 2 co-starring Karthik Aryan. She is promoting her film aggressively and spoke about doing remakes in detail.

Kiara said that she will think twice before accepting any remakes from the south in the days to come. She says that thanks to the OTT culture, so many south films are readily available and the audience is quite aware of it and does not show any interest in the remakes.

She says that she did Arjun Reddy remake as the OTT scene did not catch up that much. Kiara’s statement makes sense and the latest example is the remake of Jersey which failed badly and only made 17 cr net so far.

In a broader perspective, one thing is clear remakes won’t excite fans anymore. Back in Telugu too, Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan are the ones who are doing the maximum remakes and their fan base is not happy with it.

The simple logic in it is if they can’t excite their hard-core fan base why would the general audience even get excited?.