Actress Showed Hell To Director For Four HoursActors giving a tough time to the makers by throwing tantrums isn’t a new thing in the film industry. Some actors consider themselves gods on the shooting sets and, despite all the pampering by the entire team, they never fail to show their attitude.

Recently an actress was supposed to report on the sets with full makeup by 6 AM as the crew wanted to capture a sunrise shot. But she came on the sets 20 minutes late and the shoot couldn’t happen. The director of the film showed his disappointment to the heroine’s assistant. That assistant went and talked to the heroine about the director’s disappointment.

The heroine took this as a personal insult and she locked herself in the caravan during the next shoot and slept for four hours citing headache issues. More than half a day was wasted because of her tantrums.

Only after the director, producer, and the entire crew apologized and ‘begged’ her, she came out of the caravan to shoot.

It is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.