Kangana Ranaut says Fairness Cream endorsement a criminal activity

Celebrities who endorse Fairness Creams are doing criminal activity says Kangana Ranaut who is gearing for the release of her upcoming film Queen in few days time. The actress who is always outspoken says that she was offered huge money at the very beginning of her career to endorse few such brands but she couldn’t accept promoting such brands due to her nature.

It reeks of complete selfish nature on part of the celebrities who endorse such brands that create a deep paranoia among the people about their skin and demoralizes them completely internally. A false notion and precedent is set among these people about a certain standard that has to be met in order to be accepted which is not at all true actually.

Each individual has their own appeal and own charm and they need to be happy in their own space and skin but due to these multi million industries with their products and stars endorsing it, its creating a deep unsettling thought of inequality among the people that is akin to criminal activity, concluded the outspoken actress.