Pranitha's flight troublesSouthern actress Pranitha Subhash is keeping very busy these days and has been shuffling between two of the most developed cities in India–Hyderabad and Bangalore. The actress was in Vijayawada last Wednesday to promote a brand she endorses for a popular store. When finally done with the promotional exercise, the actress was all set to catch a flight to Bangalore the same evening to take care of her other movie matters. However, her movies had to wait because of the flight cancellation.

Media managed a small chat with the actress and she said that her flight from Hyderabad to Bangalore through Vijayawada was cancelled which caused her a lot of inconvenience. First she had to wait for hours for the flight after which the announcement was made about the flight cancellation and then she had to wait until another suitable flight was available.

Pandavulu Pandavulu Thummeda and NTR’s untitled film are keeping Pranitha busy along with her Kannada films.