There seems to be some conflict between actress Madhurima and the makers of Tamil film called ‘Serndhu Polama’. And as usual, there seems to be sides to his issue. The issue in question is the shooting for the film which happened in New Zealand for about fifty days with the whole cast and crew. The director‘s feedback after the shooting is that Madhuriam was unprofessional in demeanour. She failed to show up on time for her shoots and also lacked any cooperation or compromise.

On the actress’s side, she complains that she did not even get 10 per cent of her remuneration in advance. Moreover, there was no personal assistance provided or even a proper hotel accommodation. Even when she raised her voices to ask her payment when 90% of the film was done, the makers tried to make her out as a guilty says Madhurima. Madhurima’s next Telugu outing will be Allu Srish’s ‘Kotha Janta’ in Maruthi’s direction.