Lavanya Tripathi CafeActress Lavanya Tripathi has taken her love to next level. Well, we are speaking about her love for nature. The actress has plans to come up with a cafe in the lap of nature in Chamasari, Mussoorie. However, the cafe won’t be a commercial hub but rather a family space for her family and friends who can unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The actress has purchased farmland near the hilltop, Chamasari to build a house. But she has plans to turn it into a cafe and build the space using natural elements. The actress via videos and pictures on the photo-sharing app has given us a glimpse of her sustainable approach and change in lifestyle which is more towards nature retreat.

Lavanya had planted 25 saplings last year which shows how the actress is ready to get back into nature’s lap and she dubs the cafe as her first step towards her sustainable living approach.

She was last seen in Chaavu Kaburu Challaga and A1 Express. Both the film saw Lavanya in a new avatar from her earlier films. The actress says that she has become selective with scripts as the last films have been a learning curve for her.