Poonam Kaur - RGV- Ram Gopal Varma - Power StarRGV‘s latest post about his upcoming movie ‘Power Star’ has stirred a hornet’s nest and this is going to be food for many gossipmongers in the coming days. He mentioned a few names cryptically besides saying that there would be a Russian woman, four children and eight buffaloes.

However, the response to his tweet came from elsewhere. Poonam Kaur responded severely asking to include a character called RGV who instigated her to use abusive language and send tweets to speak against a personality.

Poonam also mentioned that she wished she could have recorded the telephonic conversation to expose the director who wanted to send tweets and then he planned to expose them to media. She also mentioned Bollywood actress Jiah Khan’s death.

Jiah Khan allegedly committed suicide and there had been rumours that it was a murder. RGV made a film with Jiah Khan starring Amitabh Bachchan playing the love interest of a young girl. Poonam dared RGV to speak the truth about the actress’ controversial death.

So, it’s out in the open and we know, RGV is not a person to keep quiet and on the face of it, looks like, it’s going to become dirtier and controversial.