Actress Bhumika Chawla Not Worried Being SlottedBhumika Chawla who once used to be the heartthrob of the Telugu audiences after her movie ‘Khushi’ with Pawan Kalyan sky-rocketed her to the top overnight, is now okay with playing character roles like she did in Nani’s ‘MCA’ as Nani’s sister-in-law. She was once offered the heroine role opposite the same hero, ironically.

If we look at most of the career graph of actresses who have been enjoying a long run in the film industry, there seems to be a common thread that defines their respective roles. They begin with heroine roles and eventually, after marriage and motherhood. However, Bhumika says she wasn’t worried about being slotted.

The sensible actress says that as long as her role is well-written, she is okay playing even mother characters. That’s a good thing for an actress who knows to accept reality. That’s why Bhumika is in no mood to take a break.

Nowadays, teenagers are venturing into the film industry as young heroines and, thirty plus actresses seldom maintain their craze except for a few like Samantha Akkineni and Anushka Shetty who beleaguered their way to the top with career-defining roles, not just luck.