Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma was abused in social networking site Twitter and her reply to the perpetrator had caused a stir in the online world all over. It all began when the actress uploaded a video in the micro-blogging site and shared it to her fans. Among the many replied she got an abusive reply from a well known person. The actress not known to holding back immediately replied to the person in a very angry fashion on such an open platform.

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However it was later known that the abuser was a fake imposter of a well known person and the reply that Anushka Sharma had given was to that well known person instead of the imposter. This irked the other person a lot, who himself is very notorious for ugly behavior. Taking this as a chance he began a long tirade against the actress even though the actress repeatedly ignored her after deleting her initial tweet.

This was an unfortunate incident and the abusive comment was very distasteful one too. This has off late become a very disturbing trend among the online medium which has become home for such faceless people to vent their frustration on the stars. It is sometimes forcing the actors to get off it as well. Remember the famous Shah Rukh Khan quitting of twitter, he had however returned later after lots of persuasion from his fans. Others might not be this persuasive like Imran Khan for example who completely quit it. So we hope that people behave cordially and engage such that even the stars feel proud of the fans. What do you say?

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