Actor Vishal gets sleeping disorder
Trust Tamil filmmakers to get a new illness all the time for their heroes. For an upcoming film of actor Vishal director Thiru has come up with an illness called Narcolepsy. In the film Naan Sigappu Manithaan that they are doing together the actor will be seen suffering from a sleep disorder called Narcolepsy where a person falls asleep all of a sudden whenever he feels high emotion.

This isn’t a first though, we have seen ailments like Split Personality, Short Term Memory Loss, Multiple Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Amnesia etc and so many new diseases or disorders being brought to fore by the Tamil film makers to give the audience a fresh narration of an existing plot based on them. While some of them have clicked big time few have disappointed as well. We have to see where this Vishal produced film heads up to.