Actor Says He Is Alive, YouTube Says NoContent producers on YouTube are often criticised for their desperation for views. Of late, many YouTube channels have been using highly provocative and offensive thumbnails to get more clicks to their videos. Here is one such instance.

A YouTube channel stooped to low level by publishing a video, saying notes South Indian actor Siddharth is dead. They have added him to the list of actors who have died young and made a video of it.

Well, Siddharth is alive and kicking. Incidentally, he has reacted to the video and complained about it to YouTube. But much to his amusement, YouTube reportedly replied “There seems to be no problem with this video.”

“I reported to youtube about this video claiming I’m dead. Many years ago. They replied “Sorry there seems to be no problem with this video”. Me : ada paavi,” Siddharth replied to a netizen who shared the thumbnail of the video claiming Siddharth is dead.

If the YouTube channel’s act isn’t disgraceful enough, the platform’s reply to Siddharth’s complaint seems to be even worse.