Madhavan Mumabi traffic  videoThe city of Mumbai always boasts of its fast passed lifestyle. This very same lifestyle came to a complete standstill when an unfortunate yet severe traffic extended across the entire Western Express Highway all the way to south Mumbai.

The problem was compounded even more with the fact that at the very same time the Western Railways locals were running with a 45 minutes delay leading to an increased number of commuters. In the wake of the huge jam with apparently no relief in sight, the victims of this unfortunate traffic jam took to social media to vent out their frustrations or to just kill time and find some humour in their plight.

Actor Madhavan even posted a video of the same that is gaining a lot of traction in the online community. He said bring sleeping bags and toilet paper to beat the traffic. Others also took to twitter to crack jokes with hashtag #mumbai traffic. For example, a user posted “As it turns out, buying a car in Mumbai wasn’t a great idea!! Should have bought a chopper instead!!”