On saturday night actor Ajay, a junior artist was arrested for drunk and drive case. There had been exclusive media coverage on the case and arrest of the actor. News channels ran the story all through the morning hours on Sunday alongwith Ajay’s photo. But this actor Ajay isn’t the the Ajay who has become famous for the negative role Titla he played in Rajamouli’s ‘Vikramaarkudu’. But the TV channels displayed his photo causing him a lot of anxiety.

This is purely a case of mistaken identity because of the similarity in the name. Actor Ajay who was arrested was a junior artist. Ajay who is famous for his character and villainous roles is feeling embarassed for being wrongly publicised regarding the issue. In recent times, he is the second celebrity who fell prey to media for the drunk and drive case. Allu Arjun’s edited video made a lot of hulchul on internet causing a lot of anxiety for the actor who had to come out in open to clarify things.