D Suresh Babu -Allu Aravind -Looks like a lot is happening in the Telugu Film Industry as the known producers of the industry had framed a separate guild that has been keeping itself away from the existing Telugu Film Producers Council (TFPC).

The main motto of this guild was to see that there is a proper official representation from the industry whenever they had to approach either of the State governments in the Telugu States. So, these producers who are forming a new guild will have nothing to do with the upcoming elections of TFPC.

Unlike the producers’ council that has many inactive producers as members on the list of the members, this guild would have only those producers who are at least three-film old and they will get whatever benefits the guild amasses in the due course of its operation.

The guild already has more than 50 members who are active producers. It seems, the TFPC will just be another organization that might become being a non-existent one in the coming days. Let’s see how the new producers’ guild turns out to be an influential one, as it has been claiming.