Trailer Talk: Living Up To The Title

Action Trailer TalkAction is the new film by hero Vishal. The theatrical trailer of the movie was released on the occasion of Diwali festival. One look at it and the instant thought that would come to our mind is that it lives up to the title.

The Sunder C directorial sees Vishal doing some crazy action stunts. It has been a while, and therefore everything looks refreshing for the actor. Yes, Vishal is seen in many action movies, but they have been mostly in rooted space, and not this extravagant.

Coming to the story, Action looks to belong to the latest ‘spy’ theme. There is an agent that goes rogue, and we have some stunts in foreign locales where the local and international authorities seem to be after him.

Apart from Vishal, what catches our eyes is the glamour and action feast on display by Tamannah. She is looking superb and visuals and costumes featuring her stand out. All that Action needs now is a cohesive and engaging narrative that is not all over the place. Let’s see if that would be achieved or not.

Check out the trailer below. Hiphop Tamizha provides the rocking music. Action will hit screens in November in Tamil and Telugu simultaneously.

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