Acharya's Losses Turn Headache For NTRKoratala Siva is one of the very few directors who get involved in the business aspect of filmmaking. This very same thing has landed him in trouble now. Not just that, this has turned into a headache for Jr NTR.

Siva and his friends took care of the business side of Acharya. This very same team will be working on NTR30. They will be taking care of NTR30 production. However, the problem here is that Acharya is set to incur over Rs 70 crores losses to those involved. The distributors who lost heavily on Acharya will be meeting with Siva very soon and discuss about compensation.

Siva and Co. will be compensating to Acharya distributors to a small extent. And then they will promise to give NTR30’s theatrical rights to a discounted price. This isn’t uncommon in the industry. We often see filmmakers adjusting the business of their next films if their previous film fails at the box office.

Moreover, NTR and Siva are very good friends and they should be able to sort out the Acharya fiasco amicably. Also, Tarak’s bonding with Ram Charan should ensure a smooth transition.

Another problem is the ones involved with Acharya’s hires. On an average, those who have hired the film for 10 crores might be losing 8-8.5 crores. This should also be sorted out before NTR30 starts shoot. Acharya is already running with deficits and chances of recovery at box office are inexistent.

NTR intends to continue RRR’s success with NTR30 and all this additional baggage and external factors are said to be leaving him stressed. Siva has to take matters into his own hands and get things sorted.