'Acharya'-Ram-Charan-First-LookJust take a look at this first look poster of Ram Charan for his dad Chiranjeevi’s upcoming movie ‘Acharya’. What do you think? How is Ram Charan in this brand new look? Before getting you to marvel about this first look of the mega hero, let’s reveal that it’s a fan-made poster.

So, it’s not an official one. But, that doesn’t make it less interesting in any aspect. This fan-made poster is every bit wonderful and for the time being, a treat for the mega fans to at least imagine how would Ram Charan’s look be in ‘Acharya’.

The fan who created this look took nearly took four hours to make this poster and kudos for him, for making this so interesting and giving something for the fans to look up to and wait for Ram Charan to test negative for COVID-19 infection.

Fans are eagerly waiting to see how Ram Charan would look in the film as they already know his look in the mega magnum opus RRR with Rajamouli. Resemblances with freedom fighter Alluri Sitaramaraju are quite obvious from the attire and the look.