Acharya Or RRR, Or Both, A Lot On Platter For Charan Fans!When we enter March, the fans of Ram Charan are seen in a hyperactive mode. It is because March happens to the birth month of their favourite star. They expect some new announcements or first looks from existing movies. So, what do they have on the platter this time? A lot!

Ram Charan fans have two of the biggest movies ready to release in the year in their kitty. The ‘biggest’ one is RRR and the second is Acharya. They are looking forward to both. But, can they get an update from both the movies is the question.

The feelers one get from the unit of Acharya is that the first look of Charan’s Siddha will be out on March 27th for the birthday of the actor. However, so far, nothing has come out from the RRR camp. Last year, they had a first look character glimpse, but the corona scare dominated everything.

Ram Charan’s fans want something from RRR, again, so that they can make it big. It means it is not a case of either Acharya or RRR, but both. They want something from both the biggies. They are seen trending the same to convey the message to the unit. Let’s see if the team listens to their voice or not.

Apart from the two and RC15, an announcement regarding RC16 is also expected to be out for Charan’s birthday on March 27th. The fans have definitely a lot to look forward to whether or not something arrives from RRR.