Acharya Losses: Distributor Pleads Chiranjeevi's MercyAcharya is facing a humiliating situation at the box office as the distributors and exhibitors are staring at mega losses. Now, a letter, reportedly written by a distributor from Kalyan Karnatak region(Nizam), Raichur district who lost heavily on Acharya is going viral on Twitter.

In this widely-spread letter, a distributor named Rajgopal Bajaj says he bought the distribution rights of Acharya and lost huge money on the same.

“We have recovered only 25% of our capital investment and the remaining 75% is wiped out as losses. I wholeheartedly request you(Chiranjeevi) to please consider my request to extend compensation to the distributors who are deep in crisis because of this movie. I am into huge debts now,” the letter reads.

The authenticity of this letter cannot be verified for now but it is bein extensively shared on social media. In the letter, the distributor clearly pleads Chiranjeevi’s mercy to get out of the financial mess that he got himself into by distributing Acharya.