Acharya-Laahe Laahe- ChiranjeeviThe first single from Acharya is out. It is called ‘Laahe Laahe’ and is a folk mass number from Mani Sharma. The combination of the music director and Megastar Chiranjeevi has delivered many blockbuster audios. Does Acharya join them?

The first impression that one gets hearing ‘Laahe Laahe’ is that it needs repeat listens to get used to the tune. In that sense, it is typical Mani Sharma; it doesn’t instantly ‘sound’ like a winner but eventually turns out to be one.

‘Laahe Laahe’ starts well and gives the impression of an ‘instant winner’ until the completion of the first two minutes. However, it veers towards a situation appeal number made for grand onscreen picturisation and Megastar’s gracious steps from then onwards. The video will most likely elevate the song.

The song is alright, by the end, but it isn’t that ‘classic’ that one might be expecting out of the combination of Megastar Chiranjeevi and Mani Sharma duo.

However, it would be foolish to write off the single. Many did the same with the songs of Khaidi No 150 when they came out initially. But, post-release, people took a different tune entirely regarding the same. ‘Laahe Laahe’ might not be on that level, but it is nonetheless a good number after a few repeats.

Listen to the song below. Koratala Siva directs Acharya. It is his first film outside his usual Devi Sri Prasad. Acharya will hit the screens all over on May 13th.