Acharya Failure Koratala's, RRR Success Charan's?Megastar Chiranjeevi is known for his well-balanced and soft-natured comments. Previously, when he spoke about RRR, he rated both Ram Charan and Jr NTR equally, saying they both did a brilliant job.

Cut to now, a video clipping of Chiru from GodFather Hindi press meet today is going viral and there is a fair bit of drama surrounding the same.

In the video, Chiru is seen saying “Ram Charan’s RRR released recently and people are receiving Ram Charan like their own. It’s great to see Ram Charan being owned by so many people. I wasn’t owned in such a manner a while back, but I’m happy now because Charan is getting so much acceptance.”

NTR’s fans are calling out Chiru over this comment. “Do you think RRR solely belongs to your son Ram Charan? Previously, you rated both NTR and Charan equally. And now that the film is getting global acclaim, you want your son to get all the credit. Earlier, in an interview you said the director Koratala Siva is the reason behind Acharya failure, now you imply your son is solely behind RRR’s success” an NTR fan commented.

Mega fans have a compelling argument to make. “Chiranjeevi is feeling proud about his son. What’s wrong in him being so happy about his son? Is there any rule to mention both the hero names every time there is a discussion about RRR? People should keep in mind that he is father too, apart from being a Megastar”

But maybe NTR’s fans are reading too much into it. At the end of the day, Chiru is also a father and RRR will be more of Ram Charan’s film for him personally. So, there’s no need to go too hard on him over this reason.