Acharya Doesn’t Want to Bank On Him!Sonu Sood is one of the most popular actors in the country today. He is a versatile actor who can do justice to any part effortlessly. In the upcoming biggie, Acharya, Sonu is playing a significant character, but there is zero hype or visibility about this role on social media.

When a film casts two of the biggest stars, then the whole publicity campaign is centered around them, and the other actors in the film get zero footage in the promotional events. The same thing has happened with Sonu Sood.

All the hype about Acharya is about the coming together of the father-son duo in the film. Megastar Chiru and Ram Charan have hogged all the limelight leaving talented and popular actors like Sonu Sood nowhere to be seen.

Sonu Sood has gained a lot of fan following also because of the noble deeds he did during the COVID pandemic. The way he became a national hero for helping migrants reach their homes is an inspiring story in itself.

But Acharya makers couldn’t cash in on the newly found fame of Sonu Sood because of the casting of the two megastars.