naveen-yerneniThe Megastar Chiranjeevi’s upcoming film Acharya is managing to land itself into one controversy after the other. The latest one is centred on the movie’s story. A writer has alleged that Acharya is copied from his script.

The allegation has led to a huge furore. All the concerned parties, director Koratala Siva, Konidela Productions and Matinee Entertainment have come forward with their statements. They have all backed Koratala Siva.

However, it is the press release of another big production house Mythri Movie Makers that is drawing criticism from all quarters and getting sympathy to the writer, Rajesh Manduri. It is alleged that the makers were narrated the story by Rajesh and they then passed on the idea to Koratala Siva.

However, Mythri Movie Makers have landed in a soup with a reply that is far away from being gentlemanly or classy. The language that they used on the upcoming talent and their high handedness in the way they put across their point that the story is weak and hence rejected are getting criticized. A polite and straightforward rejection of the issues as baseless allegation would have sufficed.

Director Koratala Siva, who has himself faced such a situation in the past should be the last person to steal credits from a writer.

In the past, when he has taken story (or idea), it has been duly credited. Given his track record and image, when he says that his story has no connection with that of Rajesh’s one believes it. However, the real truth of similarity or the lack would be known only when Acharya hits the screens in summer next year.