Cinematographer Rathnavelu is one of the most in demand cinematographers in South Indian film industry, especially Tamil and Telugu. He is approached for so many biggies but the cinematographer has been declining a number of biggies for the past few years and the director shared the reason for doing so recently. He revealed that he wanted to become a director and hence he is working on its story and screenplay which is not giving him time to accept more projects.

This has been an ongoing process for many years and now it looked like the ace lens-man was reaching to the end of fulfilling his dream. But then one day a call from the Superstar himself changed all his plans and that’s how Rathnavelu came on board as the cinematographer of Lingaa. He sacrificed his dream of direction for now to work on Rajinikanth’s film as it’s something he could say no to. Incidentally Rathnavelu was also the cinematographer for the last Rajinkanth’s film as an actor, Robo, as well.