Legend, Nandamuri Balakrishna just escaped with minor injuries, as his bus met with an accident in Ananthapur. Balayya was in Ananthapur to celebrate the success of the movie ‘Legend’. Hundreds of fans joined the rally and were cheerful all day long until bad luck hit the parade.

As the rally was commencing, suddenly, few fans joined upfront, with their bikes. As too many followers accompanied the convoy and many people gathered at once place, the bikers couldn’t balance their bikes and fell off. The Safari car that was following these bikes had to hit sudden brakes in order to avoid riding over the bikers. The bus, in which Balayya was there, was right behind the Safari and it hit it. Due to the impact, Balayya hit the front glass of the bus and it broke. However, Balayya only suffered few minor injuries but the Safari and the bus got damaged, significantly.

All the fans are thankful to god and were happy that their idol, Balayya, left only with minor injuries and nothing serious happened to anyone who attended this success rally. Legend is on its way to become a super hit and fans claim that this will be Balayya’s best movie of the lot.