Bandla Ganesh Pawan Kalyan Posani Krishna MuraliPosani Krishnamurali recently made outrageous comments on Pawan Kalyan. Today, Bandla Ganesh, who claims to be a ‘Bhakth’ of Pawan Kalyan finally reacted to the same in an interview.

“Posani Krishnamurali is an expired tablet. He falls after those in power and is ready to switch loyalties anytime. He spoke ill of Pawan Kalyan’s mother and that shows the kind of person he is. It would be a humiliation for me personally to speak about a person like Posani.” Bandla said.

“In his first press meet, Posani spoke about Pawan Kalyan from a political standpoint and that is okay. But he then used foul language on Pawan’s mother and that is unacceptable. Pawan Kalyan’s mother Anjana Devi garu gave top heroes to Tollywood. Many people are directly and indirectly dependent on the mega family now. They are providing livelihood to many. How can Posani speak ill of a person like Anjana Devi? Abusing Pawan is okay, but speaking about his mother is as derogatory as it can get,” Bandla said.

About withdrawing from MAA election, Bandla said “Many bigwigs are contesting in the MAA election. I would be at fault if I am unable to fulfil the promises I made ahead of the election. I felt bad after Vishnu asked if Prakash Raj was on Pawan Kalyan’s side or on the industry’s side. Pawan Kalyan is a pioneer of Tollywood. It isn’t right to speak ill of him. So, I will be on Prakash Raj’s side and I will vote for him,” Bandla concluded.

At first, Bandla Ganesh planned to be an integral part of Prakash Raj’s panel for the MAA elections. But that wasn’t possible as Jeevitha Rajasekhar was picked for the general secretary position by Prakash Raj. Bandla then came out of Prakash Raj’s panel and later filed his nomination for the general secretary position as an independent candidate.

But in an interesting turn of events, Bandla withdrew from the election. Following the development, he spoke with TV9 and spoke about MAA election campaign and also about Posani Krishnamurali’a recent slurs on Pawan Kalyan.