Tarak Ratna -DevineniThere is a film being made on the inter-family rivalry between two politically influential families in Vijayawada. It’s about the rivalry between Vangaveeti and Devineni families. Nandamuri Tarakaratna is playing Devineni Nehru’s role.

Obviously, it would be a controversial movie as the two families are still living in Vijayawada and we have seen how RGV has faced controversies when he made ‘Vangaveeti’. Though it wasn’t a hit movie for RGV, he made enough noise.

Coming to this latest one on the same family rivalries, there is absolutely no buzz on the movie and no-one seems to be talking about it so far. That’s very unlikely given the subject and the controversial nature of the story involved.

It’s learnt that the movie is in the last leg of production being directed by Shivanagu and it deals with the friendship turning rivalry between Devineni Nehru and Vangaeeti Ranga. Let’s see if this movie can grab something to create buzz for itself.