abcd-american-born-confused-desi-trailer-talk-more-compact-and-to-the-pointIt is raining trailers today. Now, we have the theatrical trailer of Allu Sirish starrer ABCD (American Born Confused Desi). It is a second trailer coming closer to the release of the movie.

In a way, this second trailer feels more compact and slick compared to the theatrical. There seems to be no over effort made to impress and focus put on getting across what the movie is all about. The tone is presented correctly.

ABCD seems to be relying heavily on entertainment based on the two trailers. Even the romance laced with more comedy than drama. So the equation is simple here, entertain and engage. The political aspect shown in the theatrical is entirely avoided. In a way, combining the two, theatrical and second trailer, gives a much better, and complete view of the movie which is a positive one.

Check out the second release trailer below. Allu Sirish and Ruksar Dhillon is the lead pair in the commercial entertainer. The all grown up child artist Master Bharath plays a critical supporting role in the movie directed by Sanjeev Reddy. ABCD hits the screens worldwide on May 17.