Aarti deleted song was included to drive the movie!‘Ranam 2′ released on 5th June is the last movie of late Aarti Agarwal. This film was like a comeback film for the actress in which she played the second fiddle for hero Amma Rajasekhar. A deleted song from the movie was added to it later after the actress’ untimely death.

As Amma Rajasekhar says, this song was actually an extra song which was shot on request of the actress but deleted initially because of the length of the film. The actor-director says that he increased the length of the character on Aarti’s request who was desperate to make a successful comeback to Telugu films.

Now that she is no more, the extra song and the increased length of her character are really working in favour of the movie. Now the director is happy that the film is doing well and 6 more theatres have been added for the list. And he thinks it’s a hit for the range of the movie made.