Aamir Khan almost nude PK firstlook poster created a lot of buzz inviting both admiration and flak simultaneously. While some felt that it is a part of creativity, others opined that it is a cheap publicity stunt which is uncalled for from a star like Aamir Khan. Some netas even clothed his semi nude poster. Adding to the insult, PK’s standees were sent back from multiplexes. All through this, Aamir maintained his stand saying that once audience would get to watch the movie, they would definitely approve the poster’s look.

Latest, Aamir revealed that on 20th August, the director of the movie Rajkumar Hirani is going to release another poster of PK. This time around Aamir revealed that he isn’t even going to hide his modesty with something like a tape recorder, stereo or radio but going to remove that even. When Mr.Perfectionist has hide his modesty behind a transistor, he received flak that this is a copied poster. If he decides to remove that transistor even, then could the nude persona of Aamir also be called an imposter? If this is purely rhetorical, it could also be Aamir is fully dressed and hence doesn’t need a boombox to hide his modesty. Lolz.