Members of a cooperative housing society in a posh suburban area of Bandra in Mumbai seems to having some trouble with Aamir Khan’s decision to buy around 20,000 square feet of area to build himself a bungalow. The members’ complaints are that Aamir didn’t follow the right procedure and just came swooping expecting that he would take over the place.

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As it so happens, Aamir has made the proposal of redevelopment where he said that he wants 20,000 sq ft for a bungalow and in return ready to pay Rs. 70,000/sq ft to residents. His proposal also said that he would build a separate building for members who do not wish to leave. Turns out that Aamir has made the same proposal in 2011 as well when it was voted out by the members. But this time, since the members are in the minority, have allegedly been told by managing committee members that those who resist the redevelopment will be pushed out. Actor’s spokesperson says “Mr. Aamir strongly denies any allegations of pressure tactics or misconduct on his part, and takes strong exception to attempts being made to defame him.”