This year’s most awaited movie ‘Dhoom 3’ has finally released its first look and there is a lot of buzz about Aamir Khan’s new look in the film. We hear that our Mr. Perfectionist again went through a lot of hard work to attain that look and there is a lot of appreciation and expectations regarding the actor. It was said that Aamir had to go through a very strict diet for his character in ‘Dhoom 3’ and did a lot of workout to have ripped back.

The actor, who went through a similar kind of training while shooting for his eight-pack-abs look in the blockbuster film ‘Ghajini’, apparently had a different routine this time and hired a British trainer to help him go through with it. Khan did regular checks on his diet and according to some inside news he checked his Body Mass Index every day before breakfast. Let’s just hope that the film fares out well for him.