The much awaited teaser of Superstar Mahesh Babu’s upcoming movie ‘Aagadu’ was released on the occasion of his birthday on 9th August morning. Much to the delight of his fans, the teaser was intelligently targetted to keep the audience keep repeating the punch lines till the next feast is served as a trailer or another teaser. Action combined with comic punch lines are like a silver lining to the teaser. Mahesh Babu’s comic timing is awesomely super.

The opening bombastic line itself trickles the funny bone and has every scope of becoming a catch line for the youth. ‘Dikki balisina kodi, chicken shop munduku vachi toda gottindata’…this line literally means ‘a headstrong hen straightway headed to a chicken shop and thumped its thigh’. Mahesh line on dialogue and counter ‘nuv dialogue veste nenu counter veyadaaniki writer ni kaadu fighter ni’, straight away hints at self mocking giving no scope for others to counter attack him on the punch lines. All together, Mahesh’s birthday teaser is replete with punch liners and Mahesh Babu’s comic timing leaves the audience asking for more and more. Awesome! Straight to the point and aimed at point blank range.